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In the first quarter of 2018, Facebook deleted 837 million spam posts and 583 million fake accounts, largely through its automatic detection technology.

The firm disabled about 583 million fake accounts which were disabled minutes after registering.

It took action on 21 million pieces of content containing nudity and sexual activity. In addition, Facebook stated that from the remaining accounts, a mere three to four percent were fake.

Facebook today published its annual transparency report, and for the first time included the number of items removed in each category that violated its content standards. ".this is very much a work in progress and we will likely improve our methodology over time", said Sonderby.

HTC is making a blockchain friendly phone called the 'Exodus'
HTC did not reveal any pricing information for its Exodus smartphone, but said it will accept payment in cryptocurrency . In terms of specifications, the Finney blockchain phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

As perhaps the most prolific social media service ever, Facebook plays a vital role in connecting us with friends and family around the world. The rest came after Facebook users flagged the offending content for review.

The company estimated that for every 10,000 pieces of content seen on Facebook overall, between seven and nine of them violated its adult nudity and pornography standards.

Further, Alex Schultz, the company's vice president of data analytics, revealed that the amount of content moderated for graphic violence nearly tripled quarter-on-quarter. During Q1, the social network flagged 96 percent of all nudity before users reported it.

The company previously enforced community standards by having users report violations and trained staff then deal with them.

A Pakistani Superhero In a Marvel Film? Ms Marvel Might Be Happening
It would certainly be easy enough to drop a Netflix series set in New Jersey, and keep her shape-shifting powers to a minimum. Danvers' story is in the process of being turn into a Marvel film at the moment, with Brie Larson cast as the superhero.

Facebook does not fully know why people are posting more graphic violence but believes continued fighting in Syria may have been one reason, Reuters quoted Alex Schultz, Facebook's vice president of data analytics, as saying. For graphic violence, Facebook's technology accounted for 86 percent of the reports. While the company still asks people to report offensive content, it has increasingly used artificial intelligence technology to weed out offensive posts before anyone sees them.

Facebook revealed that the Community Standards Enforcement Report focused on suspicious activities that took place from October 2017 to March 2018.

Only 38 percent of these were flagged by automation, which fails to interpret nuances like counter speech, self-referential comments or sarcasm. The problem with trying to proactively scour Facebook for hate speech is that the company's AI can only understand so much at the moment.

On child exploitation imagery, Schultz said that the company still needed to make decisions about how to categorise different grades of content, for example cartoon child exploitation images.

Aston Villa ex-defender Jlloyd Samuel dies at 37 in traffic accident
After nine years with Aston, the defender spent a season on loan at Gillingham before joining Bolton Wanderers for four seasons. The news was confirmed by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association on their official Facebook page just hours later.

"As Mark Zuckerberg said at F8, we have a lot of work still to do to prevent abuse, .It's partly that technology like artificial intelligence, while promising, is still years away from being effective for most bad content because context is so important".