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The audio clip in question is sparking major feuds on the Internet between those who hear a higher-pitched "yanny" and those who hear a lower-toned "laurel" phrase.

On the other hand, a Twitter user found that you can actually hear both the words if you adjust the bass level of the clip.

The visual prompt asking "Laurel or Yanny" would also prompt the listener to hear the word in a certain way. Others are hearing "Yanny".

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"Omg, that blows my mind how people can hear such diff things".

What do you hear? This is the white and gold vs blue and black dress all over again! Sure, light exists, and it exists at different wavelengths (what we think of as "color"), but how the brain interprets those wavelengths varies from person to person - maybe.

University of Arizona professor Brad Story shows that the original audio is most likely saying "Laurel".

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". One of my friends sent it to me and the first time I heard it, it said "Laurel, '" the Redditor explained".

The "audio illusion" is leaving the Internet confused, no matter which side. An equally divisive debate is here, and its name is Yanny. or is it Laurel? Some say by adjusting the pitch of the recording, the word changes. "And the higher frequencies say "Yanny".

Until experts can provide us with some hard evidence on the matter, the "yanny" vs. "laurel" debate will rage on.

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