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Produced by Working Title TV and Instinct Productions, the project will re-examine Lee's disappearance and murder, the original police investigation, and the present day while Syed, 36, awaits a new trial. Although it has been in production since 2015, a release date for the series has not yet been announced. Syed has always said he is innocent and, since his story garnered wider attention, he has been granted a new trial.

ADNAN Syed made headlines not exclusively due to his ex-girlfriend's loss of life however after he grew to become the topic of a well-liked United States podcast.

If you, like us, were obsessed with the true-crime podcast Serial in 2014, we've got some great news!

Ramadan Fasting Begins Thursday, Saudi Authority Says
As there are certain restrictions during the month, it is seen as a way to detoxify both physically and spiritually. It was made so during the month of Sha'ban, in the second year after the Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina.

After Syed's conviction was vacated, A&E reached out to a friend of Hae Min Lee's who identified herself only as "Debbie" when appearing on an episode of "Grace vs. Abrams".

Sky's director of programming Zai Bennett said: "We'll be offering viewers a compelling window into one of the most talked about murder cases in recent years".

The podcast has since become the most-downloaded podcast in history, allowing it to enter the social consciousness in ways never before seen. "The hugely talented Amy Berg has unprecedented access to those closest to the investigation, which is sure to make unmissable viewing".

Mystery pages of Anne Frank's diary reveal dirty jokes
The Anne Frank House addressed moral considerations in deciphering a text that its author did want read. In August 1944, Nazi soldiers found them and the Frank family were immediately sent to Auschwitz.

A lot has happened in Syed's case since NPR's Sarah Koenig wrapped that first season of "Serial". Syed was sentenced to life in prison in 2000 but was granted a retrial in 2016 by the Baltimore City Circuit Court, a decision that was upheld by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals in March.

She revealed weaknesses in the proof which was used to convict him and in addition raised questions on his defence lawyer,  Maria Gutierrez, who was affected by a number of sclerosis on the time.

MH370 experts convinced they finally know what happened to missing plane
Two men on the plane were flying with phony passports, but one was apparently an asylum seeker, and neither had terrorism links. According to CBS News , one expert on the panel used military radar data to precisely reconstruct the plane's path.