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GitHub is an open source coding site which allows software developers to host their code in the cloud or to collaborate inhouse on projects. Firstly, the company assures that GitHub will remain an open platform and will operate independently.

Bloomberg reported that the company was swayed to sell instead of going public because it was impressed with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. It now has more than 28 million users and hosts over 85 million code archives known as repositories. Those projects have typically used open-source software development techniques while keeping some code proprietary. There's no official confirmation yet or how much Microsoft is paying, but the last time GitHub raised new funding back in 2015, the company was valued at roughly $2 billion.

Brad Stevens Prepares for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals
What was interesting about yesterday's game was I felt like it was one of the playoff games that we lost that we should have won. We now know why Irving wasn't at the game. "I want to be here, so that's the plan right now", said Smart.

The news of the takeover comes at a time when GitHub is reportedly find a replacement for CEO and founder Chris Wanstrath, who announced his resignation a year ago. David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of the Ruby on Rails framework, joined people that were forlorn about the deal, and tweeted that this would be a "sad end to the independence of GitHub". While some are happy to see GitHub getting the backing of Microsoft, others are rather concerned, and there have been reports of a sudden shift of projects to GitHub alternative GitLab. Their focus on developers lines up perfectly with our own, and their scale, tools and global cloud will play a huge role in making GitHub even more valuable for developers everywhere.

Friedman work in San Francisco, and will be in the GitHub office every day, he said Monday. And for a staggering sum of $7.5 billion.

Wildwood mayor says woman arrested on beach 'by far the aggressor'
Weinman pour the alcohol out, without issuing any violations and then he terminates the recording", said police in a news release. After an officer asks for her last name, she becomes angry, telling him, "I didn't do anything to get written up, did I?"

Simple: In this age of competing cloud and mobile platforms, many of which it does not control, Microsoft needs to get its superior software development tools and services in front of more developers.

GitHub's current chief executive, Chris Wanstrath, will move to Microsoft as a technical fellow to work on strategic software initiatives. And as CNBC points out, data from GitHub could also help Microsoft better its artificial intelligence capabilities. An incremental share buyback, beyond Microsoft's recent historical quarterly pace, is expected to offset stock consideration paid within six months after closing.

United States ends steel, aluminum import tariff exemption on EU, Canada, Mexico
White House spokesman Raj Shah told Fox News: "The president's actions are about protecting American steel, American aluminum". President Donald Trump's tariffs as the strain of operating under the ongoing threat of levies takes a toll on the industry.