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Kitty Hawk, the mysterious flying-car startup funded by the Google cofounder Larry Page, unwrapped a huge update on Wednesday - and it's promising to get people in the air in under an hour. The current ones only last 20 minutes.

Cora is a double air taxis equipped with electric motors.

For hundred years people have been dreaming of flying cars. At the current stage of development of the flyer can fly for 12-20 minutes over the water. The movie Back to the Future II (1989) pegged flying cars as a reality by 2015.

Till now, the Flyer has completed about 1,500 flights.

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Google (GOOGL) co-founder Larry Page is showcasing his flying vehicle company's latest model, the Flyer. But this wasn't just a test flight, it was the first that was conducted by someone who is not a trained pilot. It has a small open cockpit that seats one.

Frankly, the figures for the flight were not that impressive, but it counts when we take a look at the bigger picture.

With the flying auto segment being more competitive than ever, we can expect to FLY in 5 years. The FAA does not require aircraft registration or pilot certification to operate the Flyer.

The Flyer is powered by lithium polymer batteries and provides a fully stabilised flight experience by utilising data from multiple smart sensors to make flying intuitive and easy, says the official website. The company also launched a new website, flyer.aero, to demonstrate the new flying auto.

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The model is meant to be used for recreational purposes and is not to be utilized as a means of transportation.

So while all is good so far, there are a few limitations before the company releases a commercial product.

Kitty Hawk's Flyer is a personal flying vehicle which has been unveiled on June 6, after being redesigned and ending up looking nothing like the prototype it was based on.

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