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The US president said it was "up to the people" whether or not Theresa May remained as prime minister.

Johnson, a polarising figure and a former mayor of London, was a leading spokesperson for the campaign calling for Britain's departure from the European Union in advance of a June 2016 referendum.

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson left his post yesterday, while Brexit secretary David Davis resigned late on Sunday evening.

Among Tory Brexiteers, there was deepening anger at the proposals agreed at Chequers, which they branded "Brexit in name only".

"The re-positioning of the British Government over the last few days led by Theresa May has been a Prime Minister showing her authority and I think many people have been impressed by that".

Some 48 Tory MPs - 15% of the party's 316-strong representation in the Commons - must write to the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, to trigger a no-confidence vote. On Tuesday, two more lawmakers followed them out the door.

The new proposals dealt a blow to hardline Brexiters as the United Kingdom agreed to remain in line with the European Union on rules for industrial and agricultural goods, based on a "common rule book".

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Civil Aviation Authority investigators were at the scene and started the process of determining the cause of the accident. The aircraft was marked "Martin's Air Charter", which was the previous name of the Dutch cargo airline Martinair.

In his resignation letter, Johnson wrote: "Brexit should be about opportunity and hope".

"When he says the Brexit dream is dying, he's really talking about the perspective he had on Brexit, but in my view that was never a live possibility in any instance".

Davis was being treated abominably while she surrounded herself with Brexit-hating advisors Olly Robbins and Gavin Barwell, who were given the role Davis should have been delivering.

"I've listened to every possible idea and every possible version of Brexit".

David was initially ignored by May when she took power, "as his contemporaries Amber Rudd and Gavin Williamson sailed past him in the cabinet hierarchy", but he "has quietly been working his way back up", says Sky News.

The former home secretary Amber Rudd accused Mr Johnson of "backseat driving" in the Brexit negotiations in September past year.

May's personal authority was badly damaged after she called a snap election a year ago to strengthen her hand in Brexit talks but instead she lost her parliamentary majority, meaning she has to rely on a small Northern Irish party to govern. However, the Environment Secretary later insisted he would not be leaving the Cabinet.

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Rescue workers are now able to walk through a 1.5km (0.9 mile) stretch from the entrance to what's being called the third chamber. They have enlisted the help of bird-watchers, who are specialists in finding hidden holes, the AFP news agency reports.

Although those close to Prime Minister May have tried to lessen the humiliation for the government by dismissing questions about her future, Widdecombe believes she will survive - for now.

The Sun, Britain's biggest-selling newspaper, said there had been "blunder after blunder" by May.

The reason May's premiership has descended into chaos is, like so many of our political leaders, she said she would do one thing and then did the exact opposite.

This thoroughly Remainer-led government is at odds with a populace that has swung even more in favour of Leave with the annual British Social Attitudes survey finding the number of those wanting to exit the European Union has gone up by 15 percent since 2015.

"She talked about Corbyn, she talked about the alternative which is delivering the country to the sort of government that I don't think people have voted for and certainly any Conservative voter would be repelled by".

Ben Bradly's letter of resignation struck a similar tone, saying: "I have come to the conclusion that I can not in good faith be a spokesman for the party or for Government on this issue" of the government's Brexit position.

By the time the Cabinet members emerged from their country house retreat, it looked like May had managed to combine option one with a large helping of fudge, which seemed to be quite a coup for a prime minister not used to success.

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Fox News credits Ryan Fournier , head of Students for Trump , as the first to call for a Walmart boycott on social media. Last year, Walmart came under fire for selling a shirt that read "Rope.