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During their encounter, Mars and the Sun will be on directly opposite sides of Earth. The image on the left, taken on May 12, 2016, shows a clear atmosphere.

Mars will appear like Orangish Red Non-Twinkling Bright object in the sky when seen by naked eye, he said and requested schools to come forward be part of "Kalam Observation Center" project to Host Sky Observation for Students and General Public (in School surroundings area).

The Red Planet will appear super bright with an orange-red tint making it almost impossible to miss in the nighttime sky.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the dream of living on Mars is dead, but it does suggest that the Red Planet's most important industry could be selling and maintaining reliable spacesuits.

Tour de France: Defending champion mistaken for fan and tackled by police
Despite Greipel's apology, Demare said he had used his comments as motivation. It didn't feel like a grab. "I think (he was) a bit of an idiot".

Mars will be visible in the night sky after sunset till sunrise from everywhere in India, provided the monsoon clouds don't play spoilsport. It's literally the same greenhouse effect that is also driving climate change on our planet right now.

Terraforming or creating a habitable environment on Mars, that would allow humans to explore it without life support, is still a far-fetched dream, say scientists who found that existing technologies are incapable of forming an Earth-like atmosphere on the red planet. The planet's magnificent ring system is also on full display and near its maximum tilt toward Earth, which was in 2017.

There is carbon dioxide ice in the polar caps of Mars, and vaporizing these sources of CO2 could double the pressure of the Martian atmosphere.

This is called terraforming - altering a planet to make it more like Earth. Its closest and most distant points from the Sun vary by 19 percent (as opposed to 3 percent for Earth). The planet will be brighter than usual and will have an orange or red haze.

Homes destroyed and at least one dead in explosive wildfires
A wildfire in a rural northern region of California has tripled in size overnight and more evacuations have been ordered. Firefighters face a hard task in the days ahead, with dry conditions and temperatures expected to reach 110 F on Friday.

Astronomers are interested in Mars' travel path because it helps decide the best times for spacecraft to launch.

One of the proposed methods of pumping more Carbon dioxide into the red planet's atmosphere is by bombing the planet's poles. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, manages the telescope.

Space telescope "Hubble" has been operating since 1990 and is an Autonomous space Observatory orbiting our planet.

Ryder Cup captain Thomas Bjorn backs Francesco Molinari for more major titles
He knows how hard I've been working to get here, so I think he felt the same proudness that I felt". Going into Sunday's final round, the Open Championship leaderboard was dominated by Americans.