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When it was first launched a year ago, MoviePass allowed subscribers to view an unlimited amount of films each month.

MoviePass is changing up its subscription plan once again.

The one big question about MoviePass's new plan is what big movies you'll be able to see.

Elon Musk says he's considering taking Tesla private
Tesla now has a market value around $60 billion, which would make its take-private price tag about $80 billion, Galloway said. In that same tweet , he claimed that he has already secured the funding for doing so.

MoviePass announced Monday that it's slashing its offer to subscribers as the movie ticketing company deals with major financial woes.

In a statement released on Monday, MoviePass revealed its new $9.95 price point, "which gives subscribers up to three movies a month... and up to a $5.00 discount for additional movie tickets" (via The Hollywood Reporter). It's not all bad though - the price of the plan is back to $9.95, reversing a plan that MoviePass announced just last week that would have seen the price increased to $14.95 per month. Lowe said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the move will reduce the company's cash burn rate by more than 60 percent and make it "more manageable" to become profitable.

The change is part of a new model MoviePass hopes will "ensure long-term stability". Last week, MoviePass announced subscribers would be limited to certain blockbuster film within the first two weeks of release. The company says that since only about 15 percent of its subscribers see four or more movies a month, this restriction is unlikely to have an impact on a vast majority of them. Furthermore, peak pricing and ticket verification is being suspended under the new plan.

Vintage plane crash in Swiss Alps kills all 20 people on board
The German-built Junker JU52 HB-HOT aircraft, dating from 1939 and nicknamed "Iron Annie", was a collectors' aircraft. Almost 5,000 Ju-52 planes, a product of Germany's Junkers, were manufactured between 1932 and 1952.

Monthly subscribers will get the revamped plan when their subscriptions are up for renewal while annual subscribers won't be affected by the change until their renewal date comes up.

We have heard - and we have listened to - our MoviePass Community and we will not be raising prices to $14.95 a month.

The embattled MoviePass is taking out all the stops to survive. Parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics had to beef up its shares by executing a 1-250 reverse split, and sellers still dumped the stock.

Mars to reach closest point to Earth since 2003
One of the proposed methods of pumping more Carbon dioxide into the red planet's atmosphere is by bombing the planet's poles. The Red Planet will appear super bright with an orange-red tint making it almost impossible to miss in the nighttime sky.