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Almost 40% of voters cast their ballots to express opposition to the president, according to AP VoteCast, a national survey of the electorate, while about 25% said they voted to express support for Trump. Trump was badly underwater among women voters - who favor Democrats 62% to 35% - a gender gap, that if borne out by real votes, could prove devastating to Republican hopes.

But as the dust settles on the elections, which are viewed as a referendum on the sitting president, Mr Trump will likely be breathing a sigh of relief. With Democrats controlling the House, however, they will be subject to oversight.

Still, Trump brushed off criticism that he was alienating moderate voters as he continued his massive rallies and overheated rhetoric.

Democrats' projected takeover of the House ended two years of full GOP control in Washington, during which - theoretically speaking - President Trump had full rein to implement his conservative agenda. Kamala Harris, former New York City Mayor Tom Steyer and former Vice-President Joe Biden. They held onto seats in the South, Midwest and West and ensured at least a 51-49 Senate, the same margin by which they now run the chamber. Democrats are furious that the White House and Senate Republicans constricted the investigation into sexual assault charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who was confirmed. Lastly, the President talked to Sen.

Trump sought to take credit for retaining the GOP's Senate majority, even as the party's foothold in the House was slipping.

But the Democrats' push into President Trump country remained uncertain.

He could compromise with them - one of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi's aides said Mr. Trump expressed to her that he liked her message of bipartisanship in her victory speech Tuesday.

More than 547K ballots cast: Wisconsin absentee voting breaks midterm record
If you run into any problems at your polling place on Election Day, keep in mind that California's laws generally favor voters. But, she said, she's already informed county poll workers to expect a larger turnout than in the June primary, which was low.

There were also other triumphs: Democrat Laura Kelly romped over a favorite of Trump's, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, by a 5 percentage point margin.

Democratic senators went down in Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota, and others incumbents could yet suffer a similar fates in Florida and Montana.

Actually passing many bills, however, will be hard because the GOP will fall well short of the 60 votes needed to break through Democratic filibusters, procedural delays that kill legislation.

Democrats are favored by election forecasters to pick up the minimum of 23 House seats they need for a majority, which would enable them to stymie Trump's legislative agenda and investigate his administration.

Forget for a minute the hot governor's race and the election contest for the U.S. House.

Overall, 6 in 10 voters said the country was headed in the wrong direction, but roughly that same number described the national economy as excellent or good. AP VoteCast also showed a majority of voters considered Trump a factor in their votes.

The election is the culmination of two years of Democratic activism beginning virtually the day after Trump won the 2016 election and officially kicking off with Women's Marches across the country on the day after his inauguration. But one of the Democrats, Lyman Hoffman, joined the Republican leadership.

Republicans need a systematic polling error to win the House
The 56-year-old attorney was reelected twice by constituents who favored Trump by over 20 percentage points in 2016. If the election goes poorly for the White House, this source suggested the President will be on edge, anyway.

The president found partial success despite his current job approval, set at 40 per cent by Gallup, the lowest at this point of any first-term president in the modern era.

That probably helped his party win some Senate seats in states where the president remains popular, but the verdict was far from universal.

After a day of historically high turnout at the polls, Penn students gathered at bars, fraternity houses and dorm lounges to monitor the results of Tuesday's midterm elections.

The Senate lost two senior Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee: Sen.

Even handing over power to Democrats in the House of Representatives may have a bit of a silver lining for the president.

The President had dinner with his family and watched the results, which could have a profound impact on the rest of his term and could reshape Washington's balance of power, in the residence of the White House.

The swing in the House came as Democrats overcame gerrymandered districts in a number of states to win seats that in normal election years were out of their reach.

Khashoggi’s body was ‘dissolved’ after murder - Erdogan advisor
A top Turkish official has said he believes Jamal Khashoggi's body was dissolved in acid after being cut up. The phone call is reported to have taken place on 9 October, a week after Khashoggi disappeared.

Colorado voters elected Jared Polis, making him the first openly gay man elected governor in the United States.