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In a statement issued Wednesday, Boeing said the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee has indicated that Lion Air flight 610, which crashed minutes after taking off, encountered "erroneous input from one of its angle of attack (AOA) sensors".

The latest information released by investigators still doesn't answer why the pilots on three previous flights were able to handle the problem while the crew on October 29 ended up diving at high speed into the sea, said John Cox, president of consulting company Safety Operating Systems and a former airline pilot.

Boeing will also warn pilots to follow an existing procedure to handle the problem. Under some circumstances, such as when pilots are flying manually, the Max jets will automatically try to push down the nose if they detect that an aerodynamic stall is possible, the person said.

Boeing said the "angle of attack" sensor, which identifies if a plane is about to stall, was faulty on the doomed flight.

Boeing has issued a warning to airlines using the company's 737 MAX that some models may issue "erroneous data" to pilots that could cause the plane to nosedive. Earlier that same year, a Turkish-owned charter flight crashed, killing 189 people, after the pilots' airspeed indicators told them the plane was moving much faster than it really was. A spokesman for the Chicago-based planemaker couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

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Southwest had 23 737 Max 8 in its fleet as of September 30, with nine more to be delivered by the end of the year.

However, it's unclear whether the warning is being issued because investigators have conclusively determined that a flight-monitoring system error was the cause of the crash. The 2-month-old plane went into a sudden dive minutes after takeoff, which the pilots were able to recover from. If pilots aren't careful, they can cause severe nose-down trim settings that make it impossible to level a plane. That sensor is meant to maintain airflow over a plane's wings but if it malfunctions can lead to an aerodynamic stall - which can cause aircraft to abruptly dive.

The jet reported a discrepancy in its angle of attack sensor during a flight from Bali to Jakarta the day before it crashed.

Utomo confirmed to CNN that there were two airspeed indicators in the cockpit.

On Thursday (Nov 1), the SAR team found the flight data recorder (FDR) of the aircraft, and now the search focus was on another part of the aircraft's black box, namely, the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR).

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The findings from the data recorder were announced just hours after distraught relatives confronted Lion Air's co-founder, Rusdi Kirana, during a meeting with investigators. "Especially if you have a crew that's confused and doesn't know what's going on".

But more importantly, the investigation-led by Indonesian authorities with the cooperation of Boeing and the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board-will determine what changes should happen to not only prevent the sensor failure from reoccurring, but hopefully also prevent such a failure from spiraling so horribly out of control even when it does happen.

Certainly, Indonesian search and rescue officials had trouble locating the wreck, despite encountering a large amount of wreckage in the four days leading up to the discovery of the fuselage.

The new details - gleaned from the flight data recorder - came after the government said it was launching a "special audit" of Lion Air's operations.

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