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"Is the state legislature going to throw up impediments for these individuals to have their voting rights restored?" asked Paulson. Despite Tuesday's historic vote, where about 65 percent of Floridians approved Amendment 4 to restore voting rights to most felons, two leading academics say the reversal is unlikely to create a surge of new Democratic voters.

With the vote in Florida, most felons will automatically have their voting rights restored when they complete their sentences or go on probation.

It "would exacerbate the inequities in Florida's tax code and cost millions that local governments need for basic services such as parks, libraries and public safety", said the editorial board of the Tampa Bay Times. The largest percentage of disenfranchised felons is white, he said.

"They came out in overwhelming numbers from all walks of life and supported the initiative", he said.

Indeed, 64 percent of Floridians agreed to restore felons' voting rights, according to the Associated Press.

Ahead of Election Day, the Dolphins urged Florida voters to vote "no" on the Amendment 3, arguing that the measure would "effectively block any chance for legal sports betting in Florida".

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"People speculate about the party affiliations, but it's not such a simple thing to gauge", said Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project, a group that pushes for sentencing reform.

"When transgender rights are being threatened nationally, we absolutely must preserve the rights we have secured at the state level", said Carol Rose, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of MA. "You have to focus on not how many votes we got, but the breadth of support". The amendment exempts those convicted of sex offenses and murder.

Florida's Amendment 4 passed Tuesday after exceeding the 60% threshold required to become a law.

"This was not a political vote".

Before the result, Florida was one of the four states that did not restore voting rights to felons after serving their sentences.

But Republican Governor Rick Scott and the Cabinet ended automatic restoration of voting rights as one of Scott's first acts upon taking office in 2011.

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Felon disenfranchisement is a legacy of the period after the Civil War, as states sought to prevent African Americans from voting.

Groups like "Citizens for the Truth about Amendment 3" and "Vote No on 3" raised about $8 million in opposition to the initiative. But, one vote has already been decided and needs no recount.

For Coral Nichols, a 40-year-old from Seminole, she'll register as soon as possible.

"I got caught with marijuana", Graham said. "I've been clean, but I couldn't vote in the (2016) presidential election".

According to the Florida state department, roughly 13 million citizens are registered to vote, with both Republicans and Democrats having almost 5 million party members each.

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