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In addition, Fox News is calling this for the Democrats.

Whether or not the night constitutes a "blue wave" for Democrats is unclear given the mixed results overall and the typical losses for the president's party, but the split Congress will make life more hard for the president.

Colorado voters elected Jared Polis, making him the first openly gay man elected governor in the United States.

With some races still undecided, Democrats appeared headed to a gain of more than 30 seats, well beyond the 23 they needed to claim their first majority in the 435-member House in eight years.

"If we actually care about women's health and we actually are a state that's a leader in this country, then the Reproductive Health Act is one of those bills that will make sure that we protect women", she added.

The governor focused much of his campaign on his opposition to President Donald Trump and Trump's policies, and he continued that in his victory speech, at times addressing the president directly, saying NY is not "buying" what Trump is selling.

Yet Democrats' dreams of the Senate majority as part of a "blue wave" were shattered after losses in Indiana, Tennessee, North Dakota and Texas. Trump prevailed in IN by 19 points.

And, as The New York Times pointed out, Mr Trump is counting on his negative campaigning to bring out his supporters.

But Democrats are on course to win the House of Representatives, which would deal a blow to the president's agenda.

Record number of women elected to the House
Kate Brown, who is bisexual, became the first openly LGBT person elected governor in 2016 when she won her OR race. In all, 237 were candidates for the House, including 185 Democrats and 52 Republicans .

In particular, she mentioned the upset of Sen.

"The midterm elections used to be, like, boring", Trump told a crowd in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday.

Still, about one-third of voters said Trump was not a factor in their votes. He's campaigned for dozens of candidates at all levels of government.

Donald Trump's Republican party maintained its control of the Senate, but the Democrats regained power in the House of Representatives.

While Sanders suggested Trump could blow off Pelosi in the wake of the midterms, she noted that the president is willing to work with whatever party ultimately ends up in power.

"Democrats now have subpoena power, and if you don't believe me, Trump was just photographed trying to sneak 20 years of tax returns out of the White House".

The White House for days has been stressing the historical headwinds it faced: In the last three decades, 2002 was the only midterm election when the party holding the White House gained Senate seats.

Some of the biggest problems Tuesday were in Georgia, a state with a hotly contested gubernatorial election.

In his campaign rallies, Trump had said that he was on the ballot and made it a referendum on his almost two years rule.

Xi's speech at CIIE shows China's strong commitment to further opening up
Beijing's intention to open the Chinese economy wider to the world and protect globalisation is no idle promise. Among these sectors are education, health care, and foreign investment.

At a poll site in Atlanta, voters waited in the rain in long lines that stretched around the building.

"Tomorrow will be a new day in America", Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said at a victory party in Washington.

The California Democrat says at a Tuesday morning press conference that the election is "about health care".

The verdicts in the House and Senate were based on incomplete results as vote counting continued across the country and some states were still voting in a congressional election cast as an unofficial referendum on Trump.

He said that even though he doesn't trust the process 100%, he feels good about participating in it. "We're voting for the community and the country", he said. "We will finally give New Yorkers the progressive leadership they have been demanding", she tweeted.

Speaking to reporters in Madrid on Tuesday, Lavrov lamented that Russian-American ties have become "hostage to internal political squabbles in America".

"Lavrov also reiterated Moscow's position that it is not meddling in US elections".

Severe weather in several Southern states could affect voter turnout on Election Day.

Dry weather was forecast for the West and Southwest, but significant snow accumulations were expected across the northern Rockies.

Autopsy Finds Rapper Mac Miller Died From Drugs, Alcohol
A coroner has ruled rapper Mac Miller's death an accidental overdose due to a combination of drugs and alcohol. Miller's death came just months after he split from Ariana Grande and weeks after he was charged with a DUI.

Rep. Tim Ryan of OH, who challenged Pelosi unsuccessfully in 2016, has left the door open to the possibility of challenging the Democratic leader again, while others are mulling a bid only if Pelosi steps aside or if she were to be defeated in a run for speaker.