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This year, at CES 2019, HTC has just announced an all-new PC HMD called the Vive Cosmos, as well as a precision eye-tracking enabled version of the Vive Pro called the Vive Pro Eye.

HTC Vive Pro Eye VR is the next step in virtual reality as it represents the second phase of development of the VR headsets, thus, being a more performant VR solution for those planning to play VR games or enjoy virtual reality scenes at their maximum. The latest addition to the HTC VR headset range now attracts your eye movements and renders imagery to where you're actually looking as opposed to the standard VR headsets would render graphics. To this end, the HTC Vive Pro Eye will be primarily focused on enterprise customers rather than the general videogame buying public, and will likely have a suitable price tag to match when it arrives in Q2 2019.

Protests-Support over Citizenship Bill storms Silchar
"We therefore can not remain an ally of the BJP after this move by the Modi government", AGP president Atul Bora said. The activists shouted slogans like "Modi government down down" and asked Bangladeshis to go back to their country.

The Vive Cosmos is described as a "new premium PC VR system, and a vision of the virtual future". The headliners are two new headsets, including the Vive Pro Eye, which adds eye-tracking to last year's high-end hardware, and the Vive Cosmos, which turns the tracking inside out.

The Vive Cosmos on the other hand has inside-out tracking from four cameras and a flip-up display, requiring absolutely no external tracking. HTC has said that it can also be connected to a smartphone and the teaser video in their official tweet suggests the same. HTC refers to this technique as "foveated rendering". "By integrating eye tracking technology into Home Run Derby VR, we are able to transport this transformative baseball experience to any location without additional controllers needed".

Trump to visit border amid shutdown, wall fight
A short while after Sanders' tweet , Trump said in his own Twitter post that he will address the nation on Tuesday at 9 p.m. House of Representatives, and passed legislation to reopen all closed government agencies but did not include wall funding.

You can see the Vive Pro Eye's built-in eye tracker wedged between the headset's two lenses. That'd perhaps allow for a PC experience sans-wires as well as a lightweight mobile experience.

We'd like to give you a first look at VIVE COSMOS, the newest VR headset from VIVE.

IPhone XI first pictures: are Apple designers on the wrong track?
However, we're still at least nine months away from Apple's annual iPhone reveal, so take these images with a pinch of salt. But the first one this year is a promising one as it gives a clear look at the triple rear camera setup in the iPhone XI.

That said, it's odd to see eye-tracking siphoned off to its own Vive headset model and not included with the Vive Cosmos - especially if the Vive Cosmos is a PC/mobile hybrid of sorts. The best part? It's not just for HTC Vive owners. Again, pricing has not yet been confirmed, but the subscription service will be available from April 5. Instead, the Vive Pro Eye will blur those sections of the image, saving processing power. More info will be available "in the coming months", according to the company. HTC keeps shouting, "Hey, did you know you can buy all your VR games through Viveport?"