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In addition to the European pressure, a bloc of Latin American nations and Canada were to meet on Monday seeking to maintain pressure on President Maduro.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said last week Britain was wrong to be looking towards sanctions.

Venezuela's ambassador to Iraq, Jonathan Velasco, became the latest official to recognize opposition leader Guaido this weekend.

Western Hemisphere nations were set to add to the pressure Monday during a meeting in Canada of the Lima Group, which includes 13 countries that have been vocal in denouncing Maduro.

"The Bolivarian republic of Venezuela expresses its most energetic rejection of the decision by some European governments, which officially submit to the strategy of the US administration to topple the government", Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, tweeted.

Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands have also intervened.

Some EU members are nervous about setting a precedent of recognising a self-proclaimed leader.

But he stopped short of breaking off diplomatic relations with the 16 European countries that recognized his rival Monday, unlike his swift move to cut off ties with the USA after it threw its support behind Guaido last month. But he didn't say if the Holy See would recognize Guaido and said he had no business interfering in the crisis.

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President Maduro, 56, a former union leader, bus driver and foreign minister, replaced ex-president Hugo Chavez in 2013 after his death from cancer.

United States: US President Donald Trump quickly recognized Guaido after he proclaimed himself acting president.

"I told him that I serve Christ's cause... and in this spirit I asked for his help, in a process of facilitating and strengthening dialogue", said Maduro, who has rejected calls for snap presidential elections.

"Soldiers, we continue to wait for you".

The young lawmaker accused the military of planning to divert aid being stockpiled in Colombia, Brazil and an unidentified Caribbean island, in order to distribute it through the socialist government's subsidized food program for supporters.

Guaido, the leader of the National Assembly, declared himself interim head of state on January 23.

Maduro is facing calls from a growing chorus of nations, including some of Venezuela's neighbours, to resign in the wake of last year's disputed presidential vote in which he won re-election.

He has said he is only willing to call new elections to the opposition-held National Assembly.

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The socialist leader said the move would leave the White House "stained with blood", accusing the United States president of trying to stage a coup. "I hope to receive a positive response", he said.

Guaido thanked each European Union country in turn on Twitter "for supporting all Venezuelans in this struggle we undertake to rescue our nation's democracy, freedom and justice".

"If a military coup took place in Venezuela, Mr Pedro Sanchez, your hands will forever be stained with blood", he said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would formally recognise Guaido's chosen envoy as Venezuela's legitimate representative in Canada in a move his government called symbolic.

Under anti-U.S. populist leader Hugo Chavez, Mr. Maduro's late predecessor and political mentor, Russian Federation became one of Venezuela's strongest allies with economic ties including crude oil, loans and arms sales. Guaido urged Uruguay to prevent the move.

The Vatican didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on Maduro's appeal. Critics of Maduro blame the Venezuelan government's mismanagement for the lack of food and medical supplies.

The United States last week imposed sanctions on Venezuelan state-owned oil firm PDVSA.

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