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Facebook also apparently shares numbers used for 2FA with its other services. Facebook had admitted previous year to using the data collected under the guise of security to target users with advertisements.

The phone number you may occasionally be asked to verify as a backup Facebook login is actually also used as a "look up" method for "friends" to be able to track you down.by default.

To make matters worse, Burge claims users were not initially told that their phone number could be used for anything other than security purposes. And remember, by default Facebook allows the whole world to find out who you are by entering your phone number.

Facebook allows people to search for profiles using phone numbers linked to a particular account, even if you've chosen to hide this information from the public.

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Facebook offered a response about this to TechCrunch, explaining that choosing who can look you up by your phone number isn't a new setting. While it is not the only way to pursue the Two-factor authentication, most of us follow the above way.

"I'm usually one to give benefit of the doubt", Burge said, "but it's so clear Facebook sees phone number as the way to unify its data sets (FB: email, Insta: username, WhatsApp: phone #) and this sort of thing only gives them less credibility when it comes to ever providing a number". As of May a year ago, Facebook began providing support for 2FA without a phone number via authenticator apps.

The firm introduced a way to use third-party authentication apps in lieu of phone numbers in May 2018.

Not mentioned on its help page is the fact that Facebook uses phone numbers for advertising.

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Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is used to secure Facebook accounts by requiring a user to either answer a prompt on their phone or input a code texted to them when they log into the site from a new device or unrecognized browser. Before then, a phone number was the only mandatory option.

Facebook seems to constantly deal with issues that have to do with privacy, many of which are specifically its own fault.

'Phone number is such a private, important security link.

Facebook has already admitted to using phone numbers collected under the guise of two-factor authentication in order to target ads, and now it turns out you can't opt-out of the service once you're committed.

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'Messing with 2FA is the anti-vaccination misinformation of security.