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Sanders said he was considered "crazy" for proposing this policy three years ago, but numerous Democrats now running for president also support it, though each candidate has a different vision for universal health care.

Speaking just miles from the rent-controlled apartment where he grew up in Brooklyn, Mr Sanders forcefully made the case that he is nothing like fellow New Yorker Mr Trump.

"I came from a family who knew all too well the frightening power employers can have over everyday workers".

The Democratic Socialist spoke about taxing the rich and criticized President Trump's luxurious up-bringing.

Bernie Sanders rally at Brooklyn College in Midwood
Bernie Sanders rally at Brooklyn College in Midwood

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) on Monday morning said he does not support reparations in the form of cash payouts while appearing on the "the Breakfast Club", a New York City radio show.

The Vermont senator vowed to "change a system in which tens of thousands every single year get criminal records for possessing marijuana, but not one major Wall Street executive went to jail for destroying our economy in 2008".

"I am not going to tell you that I grew up in a home of desperate poverty", Sanders said to a crowd of roughly 13,000 people.

"You deserve to know where I come from, because family history obviously heavily influences the values that we develop as adults", Sanders said on Saturday, as if justifying the introduction of a new riff to an audience that came out to hear the old standards. Mr Sanders was born in Brooklyn, and the backdrop for his speech gave him an opportunity to contrast himself with the president.

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King spoke at length about Sanders'long historyof advocating for human rights and racial justice in the United States. In an interview before the trip, campaign co-chair Nina Turner described Sanders' task almost a year out from the Iowa caucuses as "layering on top of what he did in 2016". After that, Sanders heads to Chicago for a Sunday nightrally at Navy Pier.

Sanders has always used demagogic phrases to hide the class content of the issues that he very tentatively raises, and to disguise the central issue facing working people: the need to break with capitalist politics, including the Democratic Party, and build a mass independent political movement to fight the profit system.

Sanders is more likely to discuss Trump by name than some of the other front-running Democratic primary candidates.

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Later asked by reporters how she will distinguish herself from Senator Sanders, she said she would focus on issues, and emphasised the need for the Democratic field to stick together.

If he were elected to the White House in 2020, "the principles of our government will not be racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and religious bigotry", Sanders added.

"I think this was the reason that Democrats lost in 2016", he said. Sisa, a millennial left-wing activist, has said her parents brought her illegally to the USA from Argentina when she was six year old.

Sanders also highlighted Sandra Bland, Laquan McDonald, Michael Brown, and other African Americans who have been killed by police in recent years to argue for large-scale police reforms.

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