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In those comments, another user called /u/TheMadTitanGuantlet mentioned that the game had caused their console to shut down entirely and was unable to restart the console since then, posting on Reddit to warn players that this was a possibility. One player claims that he continued playing after a crash and another crash followed that completely bricked his console. Overall, it's pretty damning for Anthem, especially as Bioware hasn't addressed the complaints yet. For more serious issues such as the console crashes, it is suggested players contact EA Help. Crashing instances seem random and can occur during matchmaking, in-game missions, quitting the application from the PS menu, or even during loading screens.

As you may know, Anthem has had crashing issues on every platform since launch, but it appears the PS4 is where the most problems are being had.

Square Enix
Square Enix

Things are apparently not going so well for Anthem, BioWare's new online RPG released last month on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

So far, EA has confirmed that they are looking into the issues and are hoping to find out more about what is causing the problem.

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Players who've requested a refund due the issue have reportedly done so with varying degrees of success. One user report described it as if they had pulled the plug of the console from an electrical outlet.

Sony who sell their games direct to Playstation players, has been forced to offer full refunds after a major glitch in their Anthem video game crashed users systems.

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To request a refund from Sony, you can contact PlayStation Support. Have you attempted to get a refund and were you successful?

Now, Sony is notoriously strict when it comes to player refunds. That's what these kind of games do - come out not where they should be, receive a load of post-release content, and turn out wonderful.

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Updated March 5 with a tweet from EA calling for crash data reports.