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Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei Technologies sued the USA government on Thursday saying a law limiting its US business was unconstitutional, ratcheting up its fight back against a government bent on closing it out of global markets.

"The US Congress has repeatedly failed to produce any evidence to support its restrictions on Huawei products", he told reporters at a press conference in Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen.

Chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Meng Wanzhou is to face her second extradition hearing on May 8.

Huawei is suing Uncle Sam to overturn a ban on its communications hardware from USA federal government computer networks.

The company is challenging the USA law as an unconstitutional "bill of attainder", or a measure that targets a specific individual for penalties without a trial.

"It is an abuse of the United States lawmaking process, this strips Huawei of its due process ... and goes against the very nature of the Constitution", Guo said.

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"This is one part of a much broader effort here to confront China over trade secrets theft and how the Chinese government is subsidizing companies and trying to get their products into the United States", Henning said. Huawei's US headquarters are in Plano, Texas.

The NDAA bans the USA government from doing business with Huawei or compatriot peer ZTE Corp or from doing business with any company that has equipment from the two firms as a "substantial or essential component" of their system.

The US alleges that Meng violated Iran sanctions and lied about it to American banks, and the case has become a major headache for Canada.

Andy Purdy, the chief security officer for Huawei's USA business, defended the company in an interview with Cheddar in January, saying that "no government has ever asked us to spy" and calling the accusations part of a "drumbeat of anti-Huawei criticism".

In an explosive press conference, Huawei also accused the USA government of smearing Huawei's name, hacking into its servers and stealing its emails and proprietary code.

It claims that the U.S. is improperly targeting and punishing Huawei without giving the company the chance to argue its case and "damaging its reputation".

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Trump has said he'd intervene in the case if that helped secure a trade deal with Beijing.

Collinson said Australian courts have generally been reluctant to weigh in on executive decisions related to national security there, nor would there be much scope for Huawei to base a lawsuit on breaches of a 1988 bilateral investment treaty between the two.

Meng's arrest by Canadian authorities has given rise to increasing diplomatic tensions between Canada and China.

The Chinese embassy statement has said that due to "obvious political interference", Canada should refuse the USA extradition request and release Meng.

While Meng is under house arrest in Vancouver, it is unclear where the two Canadians are being detained in China.

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