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Changing our clocks is arguably one of the most confusing practices in the United States and it happens only twice a year.

The U.S. Department of Transportation also claims that there is less crime during daylight saving time. "Just yesterday [Friday], Senator from Florida, a U.S. Senator introduced some national legislation, so the interest is there", Riccelli said.

One clear example of that is CT, where state Rep. Kurt Vail has carried a bill for years now urging that his state move permanently to Atlantic Standard Time year-round, but only if MA does.

The law applied to all 50 states, but they weren't required to comply and, in time, Hawaii and Arizona opted out. But those measures failed to get traction because the practical result on the West Coast would be to trade a later sunset for an earlier sunrise.

This year, daylight saving has fallen the Sunday before March Break, meaning kids will have a week to adjust their schedules before going back to school.

California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are among the states talking about staying on standard time permanently. So while you might enjoy the extra daylight next week, be mindful about your heart and your driving.

"The time changes can be particularly hard for people with sleep disorders such as insomnia or for people who are shift workers and already struggle to protect enough time for sleep", he said. Consistency is key when you're trying to reset your internal clock.

Sleep disruptions can also affect memory, performance and concentration levels.

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Time to abide by the adage to spring forward (though it's not yet spring).

One less hour (of sleep) isn't the end of the world but you may be a bit sleepier Sunday morning.

The idea of daylight saving time dates back centuries. He argued the benefits of daylight hours, suggesting that it would help Parisians make more money.

That would put Alaska two hours off of Seattle time for most of the year. Soon after, other European countries and the United States adopted it as well.

Standard time returns November 3, unless Congress acts on Florida's request before then.

"If signed by the governor, the bill will bring California closer to abolishing the outdated practice of switching our clocks in the fall and spring", Chu told The Sacramento Bee in June.

"People don't prioritize their sleep", Carrier said, adding the problem is especially prevalent among young people.

Americans may struggle to get up in the morning after losing an hours sleep overnight. That's why several New England states are talking about moving one hour ahead to Atlantic Standard Time - the equivalent of Eastern Daylight Time.

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10 at 2 a.m., and the reason why is located somewhere inside the Venn diagram of Ben Franklin's satirical essay about candle wax, a New Zealand entomologist's bug hunting habits, "it's for the children", and war time energy saving.

Why Do We Have Daylight Saving Time?


There's an extra wrinkle for the USA states in making daylight saving permanent, however: Congress still needs to give permission to observe daylight saving time year-round.

The annual ritual in which we "gain" an hour of evening light by pushing the clocks forward may seem like a harmless shift. Health experts say there can also be some more serious consequences.

Researchers analyzed over a decade of stroke data and found that the overall rate of ischemic stroke - which accounts for the majority of stroke cases and is caused by a clot blocking blood flow to the brain - was 8 percent higher during the first two days after a daylight saving time transition.

Why do we observe Daylight Saving Time?


The study found positive effects in a number of industries but didn't go so far as to recommend making the change.

But the change isn't permanent yet.

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