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The choice of the BEA followed what experts say appears to have been a tug-of-war between national agencies, with Germany initially invited to do the analysis.

Investigators examining the flight data of the doomed plane found significant similarities between it and that of the fatal Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October.

The aircraft has been grounded worldwide in the wake of an Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday which killed all 157 people on board.

In a research note, Bank of America analyst Ronald Epstein said he sees a "definitive time line" for the fixes after the investigation into the latest crash is finished. A preliminary report by KNKT in November, before the retrieval of the cockpit voice recorder, focused on maintenance and training and the response of a Boeing anti-stall system to a recently replaced sensor, but gave no reason for the crash.

Trump issues first veto after rebuke of border order
He initially insisted that Mexico would pay for the wall but it has declined to do so. President Trump will deliver remarks in the Oval Office at 3:30 p.m.

It didn't take long for numerous world's airlines and air travel governing bodies to issue a ban on Boeing's 737 MAX 8 commercial airliner after a crash in Ethiopia took the lives of 157 people. In the earlier accident, a safety feature on the Boeing aircraft was repeatedly trying to put the plane into a dive as a result of a malfunction.

But Juliusz Komorek, the no-frills airline's chief legal and regulatory officer told a press conference in Warsaw: 'There is no risk for Ryanair's summer programme.

The system seems to have forced the nose of the jet down in a mistaken belief the plane was at risk of stalling.

French officials have said it was unclear whether information could be retrieved due to the damaged condition of the recorders.

Germany May Lose Access to U.S. Intelligence for Buying Huawei Equipment
The move would shake up Germany's security sector, which relies on intelligence from the NSA, CIA, and other American agencies. Australia and New Zealand are complying, banning domestic companies from using Huawei gear in their networks.

Separately, the New York Times reported that doomed Ethiopian Airlines plane was in trouble nearly immediately after takeoff as it lurched up and down by hundreds of feet at a time.

On Monday, Ethiopian Airlines announced its decision to suspend commercial operations of all Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

The air traffic controllers became concerned when they then observed the Boeing 737 MAX going up and down by hundreds of feet and moving abnormally fast.

"I'm so angry", said Yemeni citizen Abdulmajid Shariff, 38, who lost his brother-in-law in Sunday's crash.

Source Of YG Entertainment Responds To Seungri's Retirement Announcement
BIGBANG is one of Korea's most popular boy bands, having sold more than 140 million records worldwide since their debut in 2006. In South Korea they are showbiz royalty - but their popularity has spread across Asia and the rest of the world.