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The Democrats are demanding that they see the full report and all its underlying evidence, though Trump and his Republican allies are pushing back.

Many lawmakers were irked that Barr took it upon himself to decide that Trump should not be charged with obstruction of justice, after saying that Mueller's report laid out evidence "on both sides" of the question without reaching a conclusion. Mr Barr said he and deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein decided that the evidence was insufficient to establish obstruction.

The Department of Justice offered Mueller to review the March 24 letter, but the special counsel declined, according to Barr.

Trump welcomed that conclusion and has claimed full vindication by Mueller.

"I'm a lawyer. I'm not in charge of health care", Barr told members of the House Appropriations Committee, as Democrats said the Trump administration's position in a lawsuit risked depriving millions of Americans of their health insurance coverage and sharply raising the price of premiums for tens of millions more.

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During Barr's appearance before the House Appropriations Committee, Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) said it was "unacceptable" for him to "cherry-pick" Mueller's report for a four-page summary that mostly draws a favorable conclusion for Trump without broader context. Justice Department officials are scouring the almost 400-page document to remove grand jury information and details relating to pending investigations, among other materials.

Democrats have raised questions about how Barr was so quickly able to boil down Mueller's report into four pages. Of course, Democratic Rep. Jose Serrano (NY) wasn't going to allow Barr to speak without mentioning the Mueller report, which is expected to drop in the near future. When asked if the White House saw the Mueller report, either before Barr wrote his summary or since, Barr refused to answer. And while he generally stayed cool under fire, he actually revealed quite a few new pieces of information about the national mystery surrounding his intentions with respect to the release of the Mueller report.

And in his testimony on Tuesday, Barr expressed skepticism that giving Congress - let alone the public - grand jury information, as covered in the law referred to as "6 (e)", could ever be appropriate. "If a redaction is made because of a court order in a pending prosecution, we will state that". "And finally, we intend to redact information that implicated the privacy or reputational interest of peripheral players where there is a decision not to charge them".

The redactions will be color-coded and accompanied by notes explaining the decision to withhold information, he said. Barr added that his redactions will be broken down into four categories so readers can see why the information was omitted. He later argued that Barr had "unlimited discretion" to redact information outside of 6 (e) information.

That's why Nadler and his colleagues say they're so eager to see Mueller's full findings and discoveries, without relying on the interpretation provided by the attorney general.

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"That's what got everyone outraged at what FBI Director Comey did in the case of Hillary Clinton", Barr said.

Democrats have called for the report to be released in full.

He also criticized those calling for the report's release as hypocritical.

"From my standpoint, within a week, I will be in a position to release the report to the public", Barr said.

LOWEY: "I just hope that we as members of Congress are going to have the complete report". But, in a signal that Trump's allies planned to remain on the offensive, Nunes responded: "There's no really time for victory laps because people have to be held accountable for this nonsense that happened".

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