Stet Fortuna Domus.

“May the fortune of the House stand”. For any institution to stand the test of time, it must be built on solid foundations. Harrow Beijing stands proudly and comfortably on the shoulders of the past with its parent school, Harrow School London, being established by John Lyon as far back as 1572 under a Royal Charter granted by Elizabeth I.

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 Harrow School London has been home to world leaders, poets and royalty. It has educated such inspirational characters as Winston Churchill, King Hussein of Jordan, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lord Byron and more recently actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Laurence Fox and singer songwriter James Blunt.

If Harrow on the Hill as it is affectionately know, can be seen as the roots of the Harrow family tree, then its branches are now spreading the Harrow philosophy worldwide through its associated schools of Harrow Bangkok (1998), Harrow Beijing (2005), Harrow Hong Kong (2012) and Harrow Shanghai (2016).

Harrow Beijing

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 Harrow Beijing proudly shares Harrows’ core values, and as a school celebrates both its British heritage and its Chinese perspective in striving to cultivate “Leadership for a better world”. Setting Harrow Beijing apart from its competition are its unique strengths, its History and Traditions, its Holistic approach to Education, its outstanding Academic Achievements and its Close Personal Tutoring of the students in its care.

More Information

Harrow Beijing opened its Anzhen Xili campus in 2005 as an Upper School for students from Year 7 and above. From a modest start of 48 families in 2005, the school quickly grew to 150 students in 2006.

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 In 2008 Harrow Beijing established its Lower School at Grassetown, in the north east of the city. In the same year, the House system was introduced modelled on the Houses found at Harrow School London. There were initially four Houses across both campuses (Ju Ching, Churchill, Kong Zi and Currie). In 2009 to help increase space in the fast growing Anzhen Xili campus, Year 7 was relocated to Grassetown and the phases of Prep (Years 5-7) and Pre Prep (Nursery –Year 4) were established.

In 2011 the school broke ground at its new site in Hegezhuang and the two-year build of its modern, state of the art facility begun. In 2012 due to the ever-expanding student population, two new Houses were formed, John Lyon and Song Qing Ling, to bring the total to the now familiar six Houses.

On the 8th of April 2013 the whole school came together for the first time on the one campus and quickly turned the empty buildings into a living and breathing school full of learning, challenge and fun. In 2014 the Prep Phase joined the Upper School as Years 6-8 bringing it into line with the other Harrow International Schools.

To help celebrate its tenth anniversary, the new site was officially opened by H.R.H. Prince Andrew, Duke of York in a ceremony on 24 October 2014.

To extend our outstanding education to the wider Beijing population, the school reacquired its original campus in Anzhen Xili, re-designed and transformed it into a dedicated world-class City Campus for young pupils for 2-6 years old in August 2018.

With Leadership for a better world and the Six Leadership Attributes at the heart of the Harrow Beijing holistic approach to education, students today still strive by heart and brain and sinew to become leaders whose names will live on, no longer just in Britain but now also in the world at large.

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