Parents Partnership Programme

“Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioural problems and better academic performance, and are more likely to complete high school than students whose parents are not involved in their school”.
- Henderson, A. T. and Berla, N.

There is extensive research indicating that parents’ involvement in their children’s education has tremendous benefits in terms of achieving better grades, behaviour and university placements. In fact, research indicates that parental involvement in a child’s education has more influence than the economic background of the family.

The model that we choose to use for the Parents Partnership Programme is one developed by Professor Joyce Epstein from Johns Hopkins University in the USA. This model says that parents should be involved in the school in six different areas: communication, volunteering, decision making, collaborating with community, learning at home and parental training.

Six Areas

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 After holding the workshops we analysed the feedback from those sessions and used that data to make plans to further involve parents in the life of the school in each of the six areas Professor Epstein outlines:

Communication – Harrow Beijing is establishing parent representatives throughout the school. ‘Parent reps’ will be parents that will facilitate communication.

Volunteering – at the beginning of every year parents receive a list of school events for which they can volunteer and contact details in order to organise this.

Decision Making亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 – Harrow Beijing presents a schedule of lectures on topics such as subject and university choices as well as talks focusing on what it means to choose an International School education.

Collaborating with Community – in order to assist parents to use local community resources to enhance and support their children’s learning, Harrow Beijing distributes a list of places to visit, books to read and websites to access for each subject studied at the school.

Learning at Home – research tells us that the most effective way parents can support children’s learning at home is to set high but achievable goals. To facilitate this Harrow Beijing runs training sessions for parents on understanding target grades and having coaching conversations with children.

Parental Training亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 – Harrow Beijing holds a series of lectures throughout the year to help develop knowledge and skills that can enable parents to better deal with the most difficult job there is – being a parent. Lectures focus on both the physical and psychological health of the child (and the parents!).

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