Harrow Beijing provides an extensive Sports Programme in line with the School’s tradition of providing a broad and holistic education. Harrow Beijing seeks to provide ‘sport for all, whilst striving for excellence’.

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 All students are given ample opportunity to experience a range of sporting activities that they enjoy. We aim to promote achievement, progress and excellence, whilst at the same time fostering the development of self confidence in every child.

The Harrow Beijing values of Leadership, Team Work, Service, Resilience and Creativity form the core of our sporting philosophy. These five values are reflected throughout our Physical Education Curriculum, our comprehensive Sports Training Activities and the Harrow Beijing Competitive Sports Team Programme.

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 All students receive Physical Education lessons each week at Harrow Beijing. Our team of specialist teachers deliver a broad and balanced curriculum of games, gymnastics, athletics and swimming. In this programme students develop their physical skills, analytical and creative thinking, and consider the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

International Award

The International Award is a personal development programme for young people aged 14 to 25 and is made up of four sections: Expedition, Physical Recreation, Skills and Service. In each level, young people volunteer their time and set themselves a personal challenge. The award is split into three levels to the Award: Bronze (14+), Silver (15+) and Gold (16+). Students can start their Bronze award at the end of Year 9, Silver in Year 11 and Gold in Years 12 and 13.

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 At Bronze level, students take part in hiking expeditions and as they move up to Silver and Gold they get the opportunity to organise their own expeditions with the help of International Award coordinator. This can range from hiking, cycling to horse riding. We have our first Gold I IA students looking to start the Award in the 19/20 academic year! Our students have had amazing opportunities and hiked along stunning and almost untouched parts of the Great Wall to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.

The International Award teaches students at many different skills that will allows them to have opportunities to develop all six of Harrows own leadership attributes

  • Contributing positively to community
  • Applying knowledge with compassion
  • Solving problems collaboratively
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Making just choices
  • Facing challenges with determination

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 The International Award is internationally recognised and it is such a valuable opportunity and a great enhancement to what students already have on offer at Harrow.

Should you wish to know more about the International Award please feel free to email David Nicholson who is Harrow Beijing’s International Award Coordinator (

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 For information about The International Award please visit their website


Federation of British International Schools in Asia. There are now over 50 British International schools spread across Asia that are part of the Federation. This provides the opportunity for all of our U11, U13 and U15 students to compete internationally in swimming, athletics, basketball and football. The FOBISIA Games are held annually, with a different age group competing each term; typically the pattern is the Autumn Term (U15), Spring Term (U13) and the Summer Term (U11). The Games are spread across three days of intense competition and for the U13 and U15 teams this entails a day of swimming and athletics followed by a day of basketball, rounded off with a day of football. The only difference for the U11 age group is that basketball is replaced with tee ball.

Harrow Beijing is proud of its standing within the FOBISIA schools. For many students their participation in these games is the pinnacle of their sporting year.


All China and Mongolia International Schools. ACAMIS is an organisation of over 50 international schools across China and Mongolia, which provides season-end tournaments for our core sports of Volleyball, Basketball and Football for students in Years 10-13. Selection for these teams represents the pinnacle of their season. Harrow Beijing regularly hosts these prestigious events. ACAMIS also holds championships in our other competitive sports and Harrow send teams to the Tennis, Badminton and Swimming events.


Internationals Schools Athletic Conference. ISAC is Harrow's main local competitive outlet and is based in Beijing and Tianjin. We enter teams into the three core sports volleyball, basketball and football and have been extremely successful in these events.We offer a number of teams at all ages in these sports U19B, U19B2, U19G, U19G2, U14B, U14G, U13B, U13G, U12B, and U12G. Harrow Beijing also competes in the following sports at ISAC level Swimming, Track and Field Athletics, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, and Cross Country. Harrow also enters other local international school competitions in the following sports: rugby, netball, cricket, climbing and snow sports.

Junior ISAC. Offers sporting competitions for Primary school-aged students, and Harrow Beijing provides teams in football, tennis, handball, cross country, swimming, tee-ball, and cricket.


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