Harrow Beijing are proud to be hosting the Orange Division ACAMIS Football Tournament 2019. We are very excited to welcome the International School of Tianjin, Nanjing International School, Shanghai Community International School Pudong, Shekou International School, International School of Ulaanbaatar, Hong Kong Academy and The International School of Macao.

The Competition will run from Wednesday 18th April - Saturday 20th April. We welcome all families and our community to come and support all teams throughout the duration of the event.

We recognise the hard work and efforts that all visiting school as well as our own students and coaches have put into the training and preparation for this action packed event.

Good luck to all schools in the Orange Division.

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Tournament Rules

FIFA rules will be applied at all times, except for the following amendments:

Match Length

  • Matches shall be 2 x 20 minute halves with a 5 minute interval for half time.
  • In matches where ties are not permitted (post Round Robin), 2 x 5 minutes halves of extra6time shall be played. No Break between halves. Neither the “golden goal” nor the “silver goal” rule shall apply during the extra6time. If at the end of extra time the score is still tied then it goes to penalty kicks.

Team Size

  • Maximum roster size shall be 12 players.
  • Matches shall be played 7 vs. 7 players (1 goalkeeper + 6 outfield players) and teams must have a player designated as goalkeeper at all times.

Ball Size

  • Girls and boys shall both use a size 5 ball.

The Field of Play

  • The overall size shall be reduced to approximately half of the regulation size (60 x 40 m).
  • The following changes should be made to the field markings if possible:
    1. The goal area and the penalty area are combined into one area. This size of this new “goal/penalty area” shall be somewhere between that of the proper goal area and that of the proper penalty area. All rules which normally pertain to these 2 areas are still in affect.
    2. The penalty spot shall remain 11 meters from the goal line for regulation sized goals. (If seven aside goals are used the Penalty spot is 9 meters from the goal line)
    3. Goals shall be regulation size (24’W x 8’H.) or 7 a side goals (21’W x 7’H). This information must be conveyed to all participating teams at least 1 month in advance of the tournament
    4. The Centre Circle shall be reduced to 8 meters in diameter.


  • An unlimited number of substitutions are permitted in each match.
  • Substitutions shall be allowed at the all stoppages of the game.


  • Each match shall be officiated by one referee.
  • Assistant referees are not required.


  • The offside rule shall NOT be applied.

Yellow & Red Cards

  • A player who receives 2 yellow cards in the same match will not be permitted to play in the next match.
  • A player who receives a red card will not be permitted to play in the next match.
  • A player who receives a red card for the use of foul/abusive language, serious foul play or violent conduct will not be permitted to participate in the remainder of the event. The Tournament Director and the Head Official must meet to discuss this decision.

Penalty Kicks

  • Shall only be used in post Round Robin matches where the result is still undecided following the completion of extra6time.
  • Shall only involve 3 players from each team (otherwise FIFA regulations apply).
  • Only players on the field at the end of extra time are eligible for taking penalty kicks.
  • A player who is already on the field at the conclusion of play can take over the goalkeeping duties.
  • Other players should not enter the field of play after the final whistle. Players who are on the field should not leave

Tournament scoring for round robin standings

  • Soccer Round Robin scoring is 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss

Tie Breaker for Round Robin Tournament Standings:

Tie6Breakers 6 ‘If any stage of the tie6breaker separates all of the tied teams, then the tie6break is complete. If, at any stage of the tie6breaker, only two teams remain tied, the head to head result will determine the placing.’


    1. Head6to6Head Result (if 2 tied teams)
    2. Best goal differential in games between 3 tied teams.
    3. Best goal differential in all games.
    4. Most goals scored in games between 3 tied teams.
    5. Most goals scored in all games.
    6. Coin toss

Tournament Schedule

Team Photos

Harrow Beijing

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