"Harrow's rich and varied Art education seeks to develop students’ artistic interests, creativity and confidence through exploration, experimentation and a strong emphasis on drawing."

All Harrovians study specialist Art lessons from Pre-Prep up to Year 7. At the end of Year 7 students are allowed to choose whether or not they wish to continue with the subject. However, Art is very popular and at least two thirds of Year 7 choose to continue. We have approximately 20 students in Year 10 each year who choose to study IGCSE Art and Design and around 10 progress to A-Level Art and Design in Year 12.

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 At every stage, we introduce students to a range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional processes and techniques, and, at A-Level, give them considerable independence to conceive their own work. The majority of our Year 13 students also choose to pursue an Art and Design degree at University attending top institutions in the US and UK such as Pratt Institute in New York and St Martins in London. IGCSE and A-Level results are well above the international average, with many students achieving the highest grades possible.

In addition to timetabled lessons students can join our Monday to Thursday afterschool art clubs. The clubs aim to develop skills and allow students to take part in more unusual projects like puppet making and animation and also get involved in set and prop design and construction for school productions.

亚洲十大信誉彩票平台 The Art and Designs Department is a ‘cathedral-like’ space of magnificent proportions. It comprises of two self-contained classrooms and an enormous studio space containing specialist areas for painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, as well as Apple Mac digital computers. The space is simply breath-taking and provides the venue for annual art exhibitions of Pre-Prep, Prep and Upper School artwork. Our younger students cannot help but be inspired.

We believe that engagement with the creative arts not only sets our young people on a lifetime of personal enrichment and enjoyment, but also teaches them to be more self-disciplined, attentive and better at planning and organising their busy lives.

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